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Buyback Guarantee With Every Buyer’s Inspection

Did you know that all of my buyer’s inspections include a Buy Back Guarantee?  It’s true!  If I inspect your home and miss something important, you can choose to have your home purchased back from you for whatever price you paid.  No questions asked!  What great peace of mind.  This guarantee is backed up by […]

I’ve inspected quite a few new builds lately.  People often ask if they need a home inspection on a newly constructed home.  I would emphatically answer “yes!”  This client definitely would not have wanted to move in with this condition.  Household sewage is emptying directly into the crawlspace.  You never know what an inspection might […]

Homeowner electrical panel

Everything about this electrical sub-panel screams “homeowner installation,” and certainly not “licensed electrician installation,” beginning with the fact that this is the exact state of this panel when I arrived.  There was no front cover on this panel.  Nothing whatsoever to stop anyone from reaching right in and being electrocuted.  This panel is incorrectly wired […]

What a view!

What a great view from this brand new luxury townhome on the Boise River!  I recently had the privilege of inspecting this beautiful property for it’s buyer.  It’s a great idea to get an inspection on a new construction as well!

A Strange Situation!

I recently inspected an older manufactured home.  This kitchen fan exhausted through the wall above the range.  When I initially entered the kitchen, there was no power to any of the lights or receptacles.  I asked the tenant if she could shed any light on the reason why.  She indicated that when power is supplied […]

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