Heat Activated Fire Alarm

A couple of these vintage gems at my inspection today!  Apparently heat-activated fire alarms.  I'd sure hate to have to wait for a fire to generate enough heat to set one of these off!  No doubt we're much safer with modern smoke detecting…

Unsafe TPR Extension

Your water heater's Temperature and Pressure Relief (TPR) valve should rapidly discharge excesses of superheated water or steam to prevent a dangerous pressure buildup. This one has had a small diameter copper tube that's kinked plumbed…

Merry Christmas from Pinnacle Home Inspection!

Schedule your inspection beginning on the 26th!

Magnetic Water Conditioners

These "magnetic water conditioners" were installed at the home I inspected today.  Are they effective?  Take a look at this article, and you can decide for yourself... http://www.nmsr.org/magnetic.htm

Santa Will Be Pleased!

Looking clean and tidy!  Santa should be pleased by that.  In all seriousness, keeping your wood stove or fireplace clean, safe and maintained is no laughing matter.  Here's a few good tips from the DIY Network: https://www.diynet…

Buyback Guarantee With Every Buyer’s Inspection

Did you know that all of my buyer's inspections include a Buy Back Guarantee?  It's true!  If I inspect your home and miss something important, you can choose to have your home purchased back from you for whatever price you paid.  No…

Close Up Those Crawl Space Vents For The Winter

Some great advice from "This Old House" regarding crawl space vents. https://www.thisoldhouse.com/ideas/crawl-space-vents-open-or-closed  
I've inspected quite a few new builds lately.  People often ask if they need a home inspection on a newly constructed home.  I would emphatically answer "yes!"  This client definitely would not have wanted to move in with this condition. …

Homeowner electrical panel

Everything about this electrical sub-panel screams "homeowner installation," and certainly not "licensed electrician installation," beginning with the fact that this is the exact state of this panel when I arrived.  There was no front…

What a view!

What a great view from this brand new luxury townhome on the Boise River!  I recently had the privilege of inspecting this beautiful property for it's buyer.  It's a great idea to get an inspection on a new construction as well!
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